Resident Evil Outbreak: The Long Lost Installment

The One Many Never Knew About…


IMG_0065[1]Resident Evil Outbreak was a pretty bad-ass game that did not focus on any of the characters in the original background story, it would be the first type of Resident Evil installment of the video game series to “stand alone” as well as bringing a whole different perspective completely.

Outbreak was what you would call a basic survival of the fittest, but not dealing with a Jill Valentine, or Clarie Redfield, and not even the other characters Chris or Wesker.

The game revolved around the town folks of Raccoon City, and their primal mission was to try to work together to get out of the town in one piece. That being said might not work out the way one may think, in fact most of the time when playing online with others it can be a total pain in the ass to co-exist . 

You could go on a mission “alone”, but again IMG_0066[1]you have to be a badass to be able do so. If you didn’t like a partner on your team, you could plot again them and get them killed or what was considered (a “serial killer” on you own team LOL) so yea the game was wild and deep like that in terms of the decisions you make.

(the gang cast of  “Resident Evil Outbreak”)


The game-play through various levels is dictated to what you do in the beginning to the end of the scenario itself, and the end could have some really messed up repercussions that may have your your head spinning like if it was on spin cycle with your clothes in the washing machine.

(Alyssa the girl is just badass because she brings her A game to the party every time)

You find weapons or there could be situations where you might be handed a weapon by another on your team, there is even a certain character (David the handy-man) that can fix a broken weapon. So if you use a weapon to the point where it breaks on you and let’s say it’s a shotgun, he can fix it but only up to 3 times.

IMG_0068[1]On one of my favorite stages (Below Freezing Point) there are a group of enemies called “Hunters” which are genetically altered lizard-men that will come after you once you reach a certain distance into the game on that level. A broken shotgun can happen if one of them takes a violent swing while that player is holding the shotgun in the aim position so the previous paragraph about David fixing the Shotty G applies to this paragraph LOL.

(George was a medic that could mix-up herbs and work health wonders)

Other characters have their own set skills as well, my favorite character Alyssa, was very good for evading attacks in close range. She can do what is called a backwards push step (almost like a sudden backwards skip) so again if like a hunter or another enemy tries to swing at her or a zombie tries to grab her she can do that move and dodge the attack. She also carries around a set of lock-pick devices that can jimmy doors allowing her to enter a locked door. 


George was like a medic specialist where he can mix herbs to heal you, Cindy was the waitress that has the ability to duck attacks (in the later installment “Resident Evil Outbreak 2” she can duck using her trick to make a nearby partner do the same while holding on to them).

(Cindy the waitress has extra packs herbs that comes in handy at times)

Kevin was the Raccoon City cop that has a rather badass classic cop kicking the door then taking a shooter stance with his gun called the “pop-shot”, after shooting a zombie or whatever else creature would do double the damage which in some cases could put a zombie out right then and there.

IMG_0069[1]Mark was the security guard guy that was very strong he basically can swing an object and put a hurting on a zombie in all due fashion, but if you’re holding I think the R2 button and I think box or circle don’t release it until you see him take a power stance. Like a batter that is definitely about to knock it out of the stadium ball park which is what will happen to the poor fool zombie that is on the receiving end LOL.

(what could you NOT fit into Yoko’s backpack LOL)

Yoko was just your classic “pack-rat” the girl can horde a stack of items that others can’t, the reason for that is because of the back-pack that she carries on her back. She not very strong (she falls into the category of toughness with Cindy, Alyssa is the Linda Hamilton of the 3 girls meaning that she kicks ass!), but she has the ability to do a quick retreat crawl away gesture so if a zombie or etc., tries to attack she can just crawl away about 4 feet then returns to her stand mode again avoiding the attack as a result.

IMG_0071[1]Jim was LOL I have to say the coward of the group, he has this “coin” that brings him luck… In fact, if he gets the GOOD flip of the coin while holding a gun will grant he the wish of a one shot kill. He can also avoid attacks from enemies by diving onto the floor, however he can only stay down for so long because of the virus meter if it hits 100% then he will die and become one of the living dead.

(got broken Shooty G or if you need a staff with a knife-edge tip you my friend should then ask David to make it or fix it)

The virus meter is given to all of the players at the start of any of the level that you play, if you take too many injuries or zombies grab you and try to feed on you then that will push your meter up fast.

IMG_0072[1]You have to be good to avoid zombies and other enemies for that matter by running around them or tricking them to move by counter movements from your character, once you get to the point where you’re good enough you can avoid them pretty easily. Trying this with groups of enemies is a lot trickier veterans that played the game like me could get through situations like that easy with constant practice over time.

(elimination rounds is where you can either team-up with others to battle creatures or if you’re bold enough go in alone and try to survive the outbreak horrors yourself)

The game was mad fun especially when they decided to introduce the

IMG_0073[1]“elimination” rounds where you and again your team can work together to do the reverse; meaning that you go after the enemies LOL. That’s right you hunt them down but you have to understand they can still kill you, so once you play enough elimination scenarios, you can gain enough understanding on what to do to take out I think 30 enemies or more per round.

(In Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2 before you could start the game from the beginning it would make you learn the game mechanics by giving you a test of survival & using the environment to your advantage)

The game use to be on the PS2 plus was online, so you can play with anybody over the world basically. Good times and fun now a distant memory of this game from what I could remember, I’ll put a link so you can check it out for those who never played it. See ya.


Resident Evil Outbreak: (File 2)


Resident Evil Outbreak: The Long Lost Installment


(By: Jaye Irons)


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