Amanda Knox: Doing Hard Time

Knox Is Biting Her Fingernails No Doubts There…


IMG_0068[1]This trial has been ongoing for a number of years now, and it’s not much left really to search for any added evidence. To tell the truth this trial should have been over a long-time ago, it only involved 3 potential killers and there is definitely one main antagonist to this twisted plot of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.

The donkey would be one Amanda Knox she keeps claiming that she had nothing to do with Meredith Kercher’s murder, but when you really think about this whole case that has been dragging on and on you have to believe that Knox is on bulls**t LOL.

The whole situation in itself just scream “cover-up” for one, I mean here you have Knox and Kercher that had fought that night… Later on Kercher would turn up dead on the scene after the authorities had arrived to Knox’s & Kercher’s apartment.

Now besides that Knox’s boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito was present also in the apartment that night, so right there you already have count em’ 2 potential murders in the case. You need something though to set off an confrontation, which was provided between both Knox and Kercher and it involved money. Money that Kercher said that Knox had stolen from her.

IMG_0070[1]Now the drifter character that comes into the picture as well goes by the name of Rudy Hermann Guede, eventually after Knox was cross examined to determine whether or not that she was guilty for any type of involvement in Kercher’s murder she just flat out denies it constantly. Guede was thrown to the sharks by Knox and her boyfriend Sollecito.

I guess they figured he was a drifter anyhow and would just pin the murder on him, after all they did find Guede’s finger prints on Kercher’s body and from what was said in the report he was holding her captive in her own room (restraining Kercher).

(pictured: Meredith Kercher, Rudy Hermann Guede, Raffaele Sollecito, & Amanda Knox)

It also was stated that he did sexually assault Kercher, her throat was slashed opened also which points back to Guede once again. Guede admitted to being at Kercher’s apartment that night, but denies killing her.

Then it was the supposed sex game that Kercher had been involved in on the night of her murder, it was highly suggested though that Kercher was not the type to engage in activities of that nature this was rather just another plotted story by Knox to shine a bad light on Kercher.

The fact that Knox would even introduce an accusation like that just makes her look even more guilty, after all her boyfriend was there at the apartment, so would Knox really let her boyfriend participate in a sex game with her roommate and not have any hostile feelings about that matter in general… Of course she would LOL.

Sollecito himself just is a pawn that Knox can basically manipulate, she coaxes him into going alone with the whole story. He looks easily controlled and that means that if he was there that night, and was quickly up and ready to defend his girlfriend Knox at every turn to ultimately suggest that he and Knox had not one thing to do with Kercher’s demise then LOL I’m sorry but these two idiots are smoking something strong.

When ever someone steps in the middle of a relationship between to other people, it 100% of the time does not end to well for the one who interferes. But again it was on a different note, because Knox was seeking to steal from Kercher that sets out to be the number one motive that kicked all of this off in the first place.

IMG_0071[1]Kercher might have had a lot of loot on her, and Knox knew that she did plus they didn’t have a strong “buddy-buddy” relationship it was more like a tit-for-tat type relationship while living together which isn’t healthy and can usually can become unstable fast.

(pretty sure by now Knox has figured if you do the crime EXPECT to do a hell of a lot of time!)

Well the thing is now for Knox is that she will be serving a 28 year sentence, her boyfriend Sollecito will be doing 25 years, and Guede will be doing a 16 year sentence. It’s no more lies for Knox to put out into the case she obviously had a big fat hand in taking Kercher’s life.

And all of it over three things that started a chain of events … Money, greed, love, orchestrated by Knox with Sollecito & Guede as her willing puppets to help carry out the task to murder Kercher. Knox needs to be thrown in prison, so she can think about the malice & sinister plan & plot that she set into motion leading up to this point now.


Amanda Knox: Doing Hard Time


(By: Jaye Irons)





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