Sterling Stepped Out Of Bounds Big Time

Sterling The Pot At The Worst Possible Time


IMG_0068[1]Sometimes people just don’t know when to shut-up LOL, and their mouth can get them into a very ugly situation in a New York minute (or in a hurry). This applies to the owner of the L.A. Clippers, that said some very rash statements that revved up racial overtones throughout the NBA league.

Donald Sterling owner of the Clippers had revealed a side of himself that he thought nobody else could have possibly known about, and that might have been the case but he was recorded by his girlfriend making negative racial remarks about her hanging around & talking to the black players on the team.

IMG_0069[1]In fact Sterling told his girlfriend to not associate with blacks period in no way shape or form, he mainly hinged on the taking photographs with any blacks yelling this at her in a fit of rage. The only thing that Sterling didn’t expect would come out of left field LOL I mean this came closer than home plate on the B-ball field, his own girlfriend (plus she is mixed herself, but I don’t know what races) busted him on tape making the allegations that he wanted to keep “hush-hush”.

(Vanessa Stiviano; Don Sterling’s girlfriend let’s the cat out of the bag on his feelings about African-Americans)

IMG_0073[1]But she blow it out in the open, she put him on blast, she just help him to put a huge spotlight on himself, however you go about thinking on this matter Sterling just really, really, REALLY screwed himself up the a*s good so here’s the reasons why.

You see Sterling had a lot to lose as he didn’t realize until now, because of the information obtain from the recorded conversation that he had with his girlfriend it prompted huge endorsers for his team to back out of deals that were huge investments especially on the potential capital that he could have earned from them.

Here’s the list that packed their bags and started walking in the other direction from Sterling


  • CarMax
  • Virgin America
  • Chumash Casino Resort
  • KIA Motors America (suspending their advertising activities with the Clippers)
  • Red Bull (suspending their advertising activities with the Clippers)
  • State Farm Insurance (suspending their advertising activities with the Clippers)


IMG_0075[1]The golden rule is once you put it out there for everybody to see or hear, you can’t take it back because it is out there forever. Sterling really put his foot in his mouth big time, others like him such as Don Imus during a Women’s basketball event stated saying that they were some “nappy headed hoes” during the radio broadcast brought him a lot of grief very fast and damaging his career to no end.

(Don Imus on the cover of  ‘Time Magazine’ after making racist statements about African-American Females in a Televised basketball event)


Even Donald Trump the same guy that has a huge barricade of real-estate wealth slipped up and released some disheartening comments about African-Americans that again latched onto him, making the statement about President Obama saying the following…

I refuse to believe the FBI did a thorough background check the FBI did on this nigger. He is too dark to be my president.” – end quote


Basically Trump trying to blast out Sterling girlfriend for pulling the trigger on him recording his words that went viral, but at the same time Trump was saying that he was shocked and in utter disbelief about Sterling comments does hold any weight LOL. Let’s face it Trump is what you would call a “closet racist”, he comes forward knowing about what he himself said about Obama which indirectly angles toward African-Americans.

(Donald Trump makes statements about the Sterling racism controversy)

Donald Trump just needs to stifle himself before the spotlight drops back down on him, the way I see it if you said it you said it don’t come out and try to persecute someone else all the while knowing that you yourself are not any better LOL.

IMG_0072[1]It’s comes down to what I said before racism will always show-up when you least expect it to, it’s just a matter of time before a situation arise. Personally I think it is silly that we still are not over the color of skin and after all this time people just don’t get it, God put you here to love each other and to work together to build nations living in peace.

(Vanessa Stiviano poses with politicians Nate & Chris Holden)

Really though I think he is just looking down and is about ready to just end it all because of the things people say and do to each other that goes on without any end, so it’s up to the people to make the right choice which is to either love each other for who you are instead of for what they see…


Sterling Stepped Out Of Bounds Big Time


(By: Jaye Irons)

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