Creepiest TV Hack Of Two TV Giants

Max Headroom Wannabes?   This was a rather surprising story that will make you think twice about leaving your laptop on at night while you sleep the deep sleep night away. Lately it has been hacker pirates that have been making transmission pranks on major TV networks, and it doesn’t seem like this might not […]

Laws Established For Teens House Chores

Law Enforcement On House Chores?   This is going to be one of those types of topics that parents are going to simply love no doubt, and the reason why they will like it will speak for itself momentarily and it does involve two other factors which are kids and common house chores. So there […]

Solange Goes UFC On Jay-Z

Very Embarrassing Jay-Z Moment   So it has been a lot of fuss about this whole situation between rapper Jay-Z, Beyonce, and her probably future WWE Diva prize fighting sister LOL Solange Knowles. All day I kept hearing about Solange going after Jay-Z like they were scheduled to fight in a 12 rounds expedition fight […]

Google & NSA In Bed Together?

Google Getting Down & Dirty!   You see I talked about how Google and other social medias are used like pawns in a proxy game. People as of late might not have been seeing the signs that sometimes lie right in front of their face, and many are reading this line of this sentence now […]

The Originals Starring Madman Klaus

So He Went Back To Take Back New Orleans…   Most people probably can’t stand him but he makes the show definitely come to life, he makes decision that may piss you off then later down the road in a future episode he usually get his back by an enemy whether it’s a witches, or […]

MERS Virus Hits The U.S.

MERS Another One?   We have heard of diseases that can be detrimental to the very existence of our well being, to name a few like HIV, AIDS, Cancer, West Nile Flu, and who knows how many others that fall into the category as deadly. Now it is another one that really has not been […]

Bin Laden In “Double Vision” 2D Effects

Bin Laden’s Double?   Don’t really know if the late Taliban terrorist Bin Laden ever had anybody in his family that was close kin to him, I of course am not talking about a brother or sister that is just related to him. But rather thinking about if he had any brothers in his family […]