Bin Laden In “Double Vision” 2D Effects

Bin Laden’s Double?


IMG_0004[1]Don’t really know if the late Taliban terrorist Bin Laden ever had anybody in his family that was close kin to him, I of course am not talking about a brother or sister that is just related to him.

But rather thinking about if he had any brothers in his family closely resembling him to the T, I can’t say for sure that he did but in an indirect spin-off of the crazed madman that believe in mass genocide he does have another man who is NOT related to him in any way but many would beg to differ.

(Laden & Obama ‘look-a-likes’ having a toast out in San Paulo, Brazil)

Ceara Francisco Helder Braga Fernandes wow try saying that one-hundred times fast LOL, this is the guy that can pass as Laden’s doppelgänger. Fernandes is a “dead ringer” for the former Taliban leader and he is striking a lot of attention in Brazil, right now is the time for the World Cup games in Brazil.

IMG_0006[1]Fernandes had a plan in the mist of all the commotion of people seeing him, and his dual resemblance to Bin Laden. It has brought Fernandes fame and a little fortune, he has the one thing that people seem to be interested in and that’s the look that he has that everybody is talking about.

(Fernandes at his shop)

In fact, Fernandes has been making some cash off of Laden’s look-a-like, people in the San Paulo have been flocking to his shop to see him in person. They are simply shocked when they see just how much he looks just like his counter-part.


IMG_0005[1]There are images in Fernandes’s shop of himself dressed in the same attire like Bin Laden, and while dressed-up in the grab he is selling beers. Females have been coming up to him in total disbelief, they seem to like the look a lot! LOL.

(dam he really bares a “duplo” reflection of Bin Laden himself!)

The real Bin laden is probably turning in his grave right about now, that reason could be because of the fame that Fernanades is amassing around him on a daily basis.

The real Bin Laden was completely hell-bent on completely killing anybody who would try to stand up to him, and at the end of his reign through the Taliban people really came out and showed their true colors and feelings.

I mean really can you blame them, opposed people like that hanging on an everyday whim not knowing if they are going to be the next victim of either crazy, deadly, and out of control practices dictating your every move when Bin Laden was still around in that part of the region.

IMG_0007[1]They still even had the women dressed-up in that heavy grabs traversing through the city, and they would get stopped by their male counter-part.

(Fernandes has been racking up on the female fan-base that comes to his shop LOL)

So for Fernandes it maybe all in good fun, but hopefully a visitor that might stroll through his city might get the wrong idea which could lead to a compromising situation. After all a lot of people didn’t like this guy very much, two people in particular I could tell you off-hand that where ex-presidents and relatives very close relatives that is.

Those would be Father & Son the Bushes, and senior Bush had a bone to pick with Saddam Hussein. But the Father never got a chance to catch him, but his son did which was Bush Jr.

Hussein just like Laden got off on torturing their own countrymen & women, didn’t care if they had something to eat, didn’t care if they had a place to lay their head, and definitely didn’t give a f**k about any starving kids that lived with their Mother & Father.

IMG_0008[1]So the hate mail for those two will never stop building even though they are both gone from the building and probably passed Elvis by the front lobby doors just from outside of limbo land.

But all jokes aside I just don’t see why Fernanades would want to look like Bin Laden though, anybody who just really hated that guy might coin a target for his look-a-like doppelgänger so hopefully everything goes well for Fernandes who knows maybe he might get a chance to be on the world news tonight segment.

Even the bread looks like a “Bin Laden” classic haha…


Bin Laden’s Doppelganger Lives!


Bin Laden In “Double Vision” 2D Effects


(By: Jaye Irons)

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