MERS Virus Hits The U.S.

MERS Another One?


IMG_0010[1]We have heard of diseases that can be detrimental to the very existence of our well being, to name a few like HIV, AIDS, Cancer, West Nile Flu, and who knows how many others that fall into the category as deadly.

Now it is another one that really has not been heard in the U.S. at all, not until a man contracted it while overseas in the Middle East and brought it back with him into the U.S. (Indiana to be exact).

And this one has been the talk on both radio and TV for a number of days, the man that caught the virus is quarantined off from the public to lessen the chances of contamination.

The name of this disease is called MERS which stands for (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), yea just when you thought AIDS was the biggest worry now this one tilts the charts as the tie-breaker.

Not very much is known about MERS in the U.S., but it is very well-known in the Middle East region and is considered very deadly.

A number of countries already have been dealing with this disease entity, and those countries are listed below this sentence…


  • Saudi Arabia
  • Untied Arab Emirates
  • Philippines
  • United States (recently in Indiana)
  • Tunisia
  • Jordan
  • Qatar


IMG_0013[1]So far the death count stands at about 92 with about 238 known cases of it thus far, and in Saudi Arabia it has claimed 102 victims.

So what exactly is it anyway most people probably are asking, you have to know that it is a lot of different new disease popping up around the world that we still don’t know about MERS in the U.S. would be one of them now.

MERS is a disease that attacks the respiratory system in the body, so it can cause symptoms like , shortness of breath, renal failure, acute pneumonia, and there is a 12 day incubation period after exposure to the virus.

This means that the virus can rapidly take hold of the victim, and to make matters worse once the individual develops pneumonia which is one of the main symptoms of the virus it can turn into a secondary bacterial pneumonia infection almost like it can mutate into a stronger virus all together.


MERS can cause the airways to close up making it impossible for the person to breathe, the initial cause for that to happen is the binding of MERS (a spike-shaped protein) to attach itself to the receptors in the body that allow you to breathe normally.

Aside of severe pneumonia as a direct result, kidney failure is another result from the deadly virus.

The disease is a fatal one almost half of patients that contract the virus can wind-up in a terminal state due to the fact that there is not any known cure for it yet.

Dam just when we had enough problems in this country, news ones just seems to make it to the top of the list every time.



MERS Virus Hits The U.S.


(By: Jaye Irons)


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