Matt Bush: Talent Might Be Wasted

Being Able To Steal First Base In Four Years?


IMG_0018[1]America’s favorite pass-time has been around for who knows how many decades, back then Father would grab their Wife & kids and head to the ball game. This was a long standing tradition in itself, the face of baseball has changed a lot since those days.

(former MLB great Matt Bush)

But what is the real focus about a baseball game? Is it the players, or the fans that come to see them?

Is it because of the tasty hot dogs that most kids loved while at the game event, or having the chance to shout out loud rooting for your favorite player after they just made a historical home-run to put a win in their pocket and a smile on you face.

IMG_0022[1]Could be any of the few said, but mostly it is about the players that bring the game to life. One such player that is not expected to return the game until four-years, and honestly if a sensational player that had a lot to offer a great team such as the Los Angeles Angels cannot play until then could spell the end for their career.

(Bynes manages to get herself into trouble with the law quite a bit)

Matt Bush is the superstar that is now serving a 4 year sentence for an situation that could have been avoided if h didn’t make the wrong decision. Bush was convicted of doing the one thing that a lot of celebrities have been doing, and getting away with “literal” murder not facing any consequences what so ever (Amanda Bynes is one example of that when you talk about DUI’s and near misses).

Bush was not able to dodge the bullet which was because of what he almost did, and that was nearly killing a man because of his problems controlling his alcohol. As a result Bush was slapped with the heavy sentence to serve out 51 months in prison.

IMG_0021[1]Bush even ‘fessed up’ to the fact that he was way off in left field not having any control of his addiction to alcohol, he even suggested that people like him that drink heavily don’t even realize that they are taking it to a excess level.

(Bush at court hearing)

That would be were they are considered as an alcoholic, and if that is the case they then need help and therapy.

Some people just don’t realize that they have a drinking disorder, it could be from extreme stress, depression, falling down on their luck completely so they reach for the bottle trying to wash away their issues. Sometimes it can get even worse, so that means they could turn to drugs looking for an answer.

Another thing about having a lot of money like that, many sports superstars, celebrities, or public figure-heads, etc., simply cannot resist the urge not to go in he direction of any types of substance abuse. They might be trying to hold the pressures of fame & fortune at bay, trying not to let it swallow them up so they have to find a way to deal with it all mentally.

In Bush’s case he almost took a life, a fact that will stick with him while he finishes his time.

IMG_0020[1]The really messed-up part about his disposition is that he was under a $125 million dollar contract with the L.A. Angels, and now that is just a distant memory.

(dam all of that money on the contract just blown out of the window)

When he does get out of prison, he just won’t be able to go back to that type of cash let alone the trouble he will have trying to re-establish himself as a major league player period.

That is the huge $1,000,000 dollar question you know, will the league still have anything to do with him after all this is said and done. This has got to be a nightmare right about now for Bush, I’m sure he’s tossing and turning on it trying to pry it out of his mind and it won’t go IMG_0019[1]away.

An unfortunate price to pay especially for someone like him with great talent that could have taken very far in his profession, but now who knows he might have a chance to get out of prison as early as 2016.

So maybe he might still have a slim chance for redemption with the NBL (National Baseball League), but once faced with a scenario like this for most players overall doesn’t end well.


Matt Bush: Talent Might Be Wasted


(By: Jaye Irons)





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