Google & NSA In Bed Together?

Google Getting Down & Dirty!


IMG_0018[1]You see I talked about how Google and other social medias are used like pawns in a proxy game. People as of late might not have been seeing the signs that sometimes lie right in front of their face, and many are reading this line of this sentence now might just pause for a second trying to understand what I just said LOL.

It’s obvious and I’ll tell you exactly how and why… Example; let’s say your in your car driving down the street not thinking about too much for the moment. You see the light at the intersection turn from green, to yellow, then finally red. Now your still ok so no big deal, you then make the stop at the light or you will get a ticket. Haha that’s true, and there is also a hidden agenda behind that short scenario but that will have to wait for another post story shortly down the road from now.

Now you are at the light yes, but have you ever thought to look around you? Yea you can see the other driver (if it is one there at the light with you of course), but they are not your concern. You are both at the light, and both of you are playing music on the radio or not, or each just so happen to be listening to news radio for the weather or local / world news stories.

IMG_0019[1]But again that isn’t the focus while you sit at the light waiting for it to turn green again so you can move on with your life. But you are in plain sight while you sit there, and like Michael Jackson said in his song “I Gotta Feeling Somebody Watching Me!” Could be singing it’s tune louder than you would think.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, it is the surveillance camera that is inside of the flashing light box that snaps a photo of you if you “supposedly” go past the white line at the intersection. You see the surveillance device is not just there to electronically tie you to a ticket if you disobey the traffic light at the intersection, it can also take a photo of your car plates on the vehicle so once it has that it has you basically from that point in the moment.

Information is gathered on you your car, where you live, where you went to school you went to when you was a kid, you name it and it should be there. Stored Information is the thing that jeopardizes our everyday lives from inside & out, citizens in America have wondered for a few years now about the government and it’s dirty “eye-spy” tricks to accumulate info on us.IMG_0020[1]

That means electronic data that courses through cell phones, ATM machines, banking information (that’s right yours, mines, etc), even simple stuff like using a debit card to purchase food at Mikey D’s is monitored. Where Google comes into play (who else knows what other social media giants are involved also), is the program that they wanted to be put in place to be able to do just that watch us, plus store info on us at the same time.

The secret ingredient to their server toy gadget is called PRISM, and guess what it was launched back in 2007 by who else but you loving, trusting, folks over at the NSA (National Security Agency) that of course put the ok for all of this to be set in place. So it wasn’t enough to have the Patriot Act go into affect that was not only aimed at terrorists that are actually a threat, but we were also included in that circle you see.

With the help of social medias like Google, Yahoo, even Facebook from there the list goes on, images or information gather can then be posted not only on the net, but a database of that bulk information is released to agencies like the NSA.

So if they don’t like something that they see about you, and they see you as a potential threat even though you are not planning to do something really stupid like step into a airport station full of people with a bomb device strapped to your arm or chest. You can still be considered a terrorist even though you actually were not trying to kill anybody LOL, it was just something that looked suspicious but it was taken out of context which in most cases people would be ready to file a suit for the embarrassment passed onto them from the encounter.

IMG_0021[1]And remember this once something gets out on the net, it stays on the net from that day forth.The NSA piggy-backs off of sites like Google, and again for the purpose of weeding out “threats” to society. So you have to be very careful what you do when you are on the net, because organizations (not only the NSA) are watching so keep that in mind at all times.

So stop by the site Killing my Career posted in the description below and learn more about the dirty secret Google & NSA doesn’t want you to know!


Google & NSA In Bed Together?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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