Solange Goes UFC On Jay-Z

Very Embarrassing Jay-Z Moment


IMG_0021[2]So it has been a lot of fuss about this whole situation between rapper Jay-Z, Beyonce, and her probably future WWE Diva prize fighting sister LOL Solange Knowles. All day I kept hearing about Solange going after Jay-Z like they were scheduled to fight in a 12 rounds expedition fight for the gold belt at Caesar’s Palace, and in the mist of all the chaos many are probably wondering exactly what did Jay-Z do to this girl in the first place.

(Sexy Solange Knowles just don’t piss this girl off like Jay-Z did !)

Well to rephrase the question it would be put in a different manner all together, it wasn’t Solange that was beating up Jay-Z for disrespecting her in any way but rather her sister Beyonce was disrespected in the worst way instead.

IMG_0022[1]Jay-Z went and stepped into the dog-dew-doo for cheating on Beyonce, Solange learned of the encounter which led to the horrific beating that Jay-Z sustained on a elevator and the footage was leak-out and posted on various sites like TMZ, YouTube, just to name a few off hand.

(Man I know he has to be embarrassed after that episode LOL)

The beating was such an attention getting topic that if you did a Google search for it, you would probably see it on the first page for upcoming fight event tournaments because she really let him get a good taste of that old knock sandwich hold the mayo.

So the scenario goes like this…

Jay-Z had done the deed cheating on Beyonce with someone that he had met at the Met Ball, after Beyonce’s sister caught wind of what Jay-Z did she went viral on him in the elevator which now has became a icon moment in the history of females beating up guys that cheat on them.

IMG_0023[1]While all of this went down in front of Beyonce’s eyes she did nothing to contest the fight between them, so basically that was her way of saying you deserved every bit of it. Now that this whole incident has came out, makes you wonder how things are really going between the two.

(he took the girl shopping after all of this! Ok and what type of Kool-Aid is Jay-Z drinking?)

Hollywood is notorious when it comes to famous couples that break up over situations of cheating, or they are just bored of each other and looking for someone else to for someone else to just fill the void, or like the recent situation of Casey Kasem’s wife not letting his kids see him leads to total suspicion on her part meaning that she is plotting to take his money keeping it from his kids.

But that’s how things roll in Hollywood, so this shouldn’t be anything non-expected.

IMG_0024[1]One major suggested reason why Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce had a lot to do with a known person of interest that Jay-Z doesn’t like and that person is Damon Dash, Z was accused of messing around with Dash’s ex-wife Rachel Roy in which was a plot carried out by Jay-Z to get back at him.

(Damon Dash & Rachel Roy)

So Roy was just being used by Jay-Z in a revenge angle aimed at Dash, Solange had to have found this information out from someone who probably was spying on Z and relayed the message back to her.

Lately Solange has been on a tear, just a while ago she was cussing out her fashion designer over the whole issue regrading Jay-Z and her sister. Some just think that the girl has anger-management woes, so she is pictured as being the type of girl that would just blow-up like a ticking time bomb just waiting for it’s chance to go off LOL.

One thing is for sure about all of this Jay-Z now has the spotlight prompted on him “big-time”, who knows how Beyonce feels about all of this she has been sitting back and letting her sister do all of the damage haha!



Solange Goes UFC On Jay-Z


(By: Jaye Irons)

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