Laws Established For Teens House Chores

Law Enforcement On House Chores?


IMG_0027[1]This is going to be one of those types of topics that parents are going to simply love no doubt, and the reason why they will like it will speak for itself momentarily and it does involve two other factors which are kids and common house chores.

So there is a law that is now in progression in Spain for kids to do house chores, it seems like a silly thing that it would come down to something likes this but this could be a law that just might see the day of light if it gets passed.

You see kids today just DO NOT realize what they are missing, back in the old days the older generations would catch h**l if they didn’t do their house chores. In fact, if they didn’t do them they would get something from parents that seems to be missing today in kids lives now. That would be a good old fashion whopping from either Mom or Dad, my Father was like that he didn’t play games with you. If you didn’t do your house chores, he would call you out first off and ask why you didn’t do them when you were told to.

IMG_0028[1]After that he would return with the belt, so you know what that meant LOL. It meant that you were not going to be sitting down anytime soon basically, but he would explain that he doesn’t take pleasure in whopping me or my sister if they disobeyed what he or Mom said to do it was to discipline us from not doing the right thing especially if we knew better.

Today a lot of that has just disappeared in society, the government has seen to that so go figure… Kids now are just wild and very out of control so I guess Spain has had enough of it finally, as a result they are trying establish “House Chores” laws for disobedient kids that do not want to participate in doing house work.

The Spanish Parliament has made it clear that the law will no doubt be put into effect immediately, and the fine for kids if they don’t do their house chores will be nothing but the law may still serve it’s overall purpose.

If kids don’t do their house work I’m sure this law set parameters in terms of progress details giving by the parents to issue feedback on what their kid is doing or what they refuse to do.

So this law will focus on the basic chores such as…


  • taking out the trash
  • cleaning their room
  • helping their Parents around the house
  • they cannot act out against a younger sibling (little brother or sister)IMG_0029[1]
  • they cannot disrespect their parents
  • washing dishes
  • washing laundry
  • folding clothes
  • etc & etc.,


It’s about time I say these kids are just going apes and think that they can just do what they want to, when they wish to and always try to throw that DCFS line in their parents faces and use that as leverage to get away with bloody murder.

So maybe this will totally take that I can get away with whatever grin off of their faces, because it looks like hard time are up ahead for them in the house work department area haha!



Laws Established For Teens House Chores


(By: Jaye Irons)

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