3-Way Slice: Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Flavor Flav’s Business Flop, Sam Simon Is Dying..

Jake “The Snake” Falling Down Hard..   I use to be plucked right in front of the TV set every Saturday morning around 10’o clock to 11 am, watching WWF “Superstars” wrestling back then.   And it would be an hour of wrestling fights, some trash talking, and the wrestlers putting on a great show […]

3-Way Slice: Chris Brown Accused Of Battery Again? / Robin Kelly Troubled / Jim Carrey Very Blues

Chris Brown In The Thick Of It…   Well here we go again.. it seems that things just keep going down hill for Chris Brown.   After the Rihanna abuse pictures where laid out for the public to see some time ago, the media paparazzi has been having a fields day with it ever since. […]

3-Way Slice: Cosby’s Fathers Day Message (Late Son) / Navy Players Charged For Rape / Utah Chruch Shooting

Bill Cosby: Remembrance Of A Son’s Message   Bill Cosby commented on the social media platform Facebook, about his late son Ennis Cosby.  Ennis was born in 1969 to Bill Cosby and his wife Camille, and was the third of five children, and the only son they had. Ennis was smart and he did earn his degree at Columbia University, but he […]

3-Way Slice: Rush Limbaugh Will Leave His Radio Gig? / Sloane Stephens: Harsh Words For Williams / Crazed Fan Pursues Bieber On Stage!

Rush Limbaugh Will Leave His Radio Gig?   Rush Limbaugh is pissed and angry over the fact that his comments about Sandra Fluke, he come back to bite him in the a*s big time and the hashing out of criticisms came from the unexpected that threw him a loop he didn’t see coming. He now […]

“3-Way Slice”: Bombing Suspects Pursued / “Pregnant Rihanna”? / McCartney’s Message…

 “Bombing Suspects Pursued One Killed”   The FBI have finally discovered that it was two individuals wearing  baseball caps, that fit the match to the horrific events that had taken place Monday during the Boston Marathon running event. And just like everybody should know by now, that if you do anything out in public like […]

3-Way Slice: North Korea Put On Notice / Adam Lanza’s Motive Newtown Shooting / Girl Kidnapped Is Found

North Korea Put On Notice   Kim Jong Un really needs to understand something LOL, and that is he is starting to ruffle feathers of a lot of countries with he defiant attitude that has spawned off from North Korea’s rocket force program that he started blasting off as of late. Conducting missile launch test […]

3-Way Slice: Space X Rocket Engine No.5 Embarrassing Defect / “The Botched Scotch Diaries”/ Rory McIlroy “Bluetooth Blues”

Space X Rocket Engine No.5 Embarrassing Defect So the first ever commercial rocket not a NASA rocket,was set to launch and link up with the international space station. But things didn’t go exactly as planned, when the rocket in the mists of it’s lift off did just the opposite. It didn’t go anywhere! Now I […]