Rip-Off Report: These Dumbasses Like Too Get Cannonblasted…

I Like To Cannonblast People Who Are On Bulls**t   You know I’m getting rather tired of people like this Mike Caruana guy, he sends me (and who knows how many else) these mail forms that talk about winning the lottery in some type of easy way.  He claims that you can win by using […]

Big Brother “Nails” GinaMarie Zimmerman With A Cannonblast..

“GinaMarie Cannonblasted Ugly”   GinaMarie just basically shot herself in the foot, and she was handed a pink slip because of the uncontrollable racial and off the wall comments that bought the U.S. pageant coordinator of the East Coast USA pageant heated ill feelings from viewers of the show “Big Brother”.   But what was […]

Roger Dean “Cannonblasts” James Cameron Over Film Idea..

James Cameron “Cannonblasted” Over Avatar Movie..   You see now I just got done talking about how celebrities get targeted over crazy sh*t. Well now there is a situation with James Cameron and a British Artist, who is apparently suing Cameron for “stealing ideas” that had made the hit movie “Avatar” a smash-box office hit.   […]

“The Taco Bell Licker Catches A Cannonblast!”

I’ll Lick The Shells But Won’t Make Any Sales..   LOL sh*t isn’t that the truth, and that is because of what a Taco Bell employee had done despite of the fact that the image photo that was taken of him just going “down right ape shit” licking a stack of corn shelled tacos at the franchise restaurant. […]

Bob Costas Cannonblasts CBS Over Augusta’s Policies

Bob Costas Cannonblasts CBS Over Augusta’s Policies   Jim Mantz spoke with sports personality announcer Bob Costas on the “Dan Patrick Show”, for a while the conversation was just general and basic sports talk about the Augusta Golf Tournament. But soon after a few moments into it, the conversation got touchy between the two and eventually would anger Costas. Especially […]

Target Catches A Classic “Cannonblast!”

Target Catches A Classic “Cannonblast!”   Back in 1993, this guy was looking for a job, and he had just left his previous job that was dealing with the fast-food industry (I Don’t Want To Have To Call Names, But A Hint About The Restraunt’s Name Well It Ends With ___BER the other half is ___G). And he […]

Palin “Cannonblasts” Obama Conservative Issue

Palin “Cannonblasts”  Obama Conservative Issue  Palin went off the radar on Obama, and pulled out an old styled cannon on him and blasted away ugly (Metaphor). She called Obama out on the issue of promising the “most transparent” administration ever, and that was followed up by the magic words to stur up a fight (Well […]