Solange Goes UFC On Jay-Z

Very Embarrassing Jay-Z Moment   So it has been a lot of fuss about this whole situation between rapper Jay-Z, Beyonce, and her probably future WWE Diva prize fighting sister LOL Solange Knowles. All day I kept hearing about Solange going after Jay-Z like they were scheduled to fight in a 12 rounds expedition fight […]

The Yankovic Music Theory

Weird Sensations Got Him Fame   Weird “Al” Yankovic is probably not to well-known to the newer generation today in the world of music, but he is surely known to many who are older that have seen the crazy antics that goes into his music parodies that have brought up so much controversy throughout his […]

Spike Lee

He Started Off Small And Became A Huge Success  Spike Lee was an ever present actor / producer in Hollywood, and was know as a controversial figure in the public eye when dealing with racial issues. Born on March 20, 1957 to Jacqueline Carroll a black literature teacher and William James Edward Lee III who […]

Illegitimate Son Wayward Son: Brandon Howard Michael

He Does Hold Some Resemblance   But is he really a lost kid of from so many years ago, that is the question that many are asking about this guy named Brandon Howard Michael ,31, this is kinda a “off the wall” type of situation you have to admit.  Now many know that Micheal Jackson […]

Looking Through The Eyes of Gary Coleman

Coleman Never Had A Chance…   If you look back at the different lives of child actors that were popular in the 70’s & 80’s, they seemed like very happy kids that were on a show with not a care or worry. Sometimes that can be true, some child actors might have had it all […]