Resident Evil Outbreak: The Long Lost Installment

The One Many Never Knew About…   Resident Evil Outbreak was a pretty bad-ass game that did not focus on any of the characters in the original background story, it would be the first type of Resident Evil installment of the video game series to “stand alone” as well as bringing a whole different perspective […]

Metal Gear Solid Is Still Pushing Full Steam Ahead

  Will Metal Gear Go On Forever Or What?   Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be yet another install to the game series that has been running since the late 80’s on the NES system (Nintendo Entertainment System), I remember the very first Metal Gear on that system like it was yesterday. I […]

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Goes Nuts For The PS4

The Ghosts Of “Call Of Duty” Haunts The PS4..   So this new Call Of Duty “Ghosts” will come out for the PS4 (Xbox 360, & Wii U), this November.   And for what is said about the game-play “mechanics” for this tenth installment of the game series itself is going to be changed, new […]