Google & NSA In Bed Together?

Google Getting Down & Dirty!   You see I talked about how Google and other social medias are used like pawns in a proxy game. People as of late might not have been seeing the signs that sometimes lie right in front of their face, and many are reading this line of this sentence now […]

MERS Virus Hits The U.S.

MERS Another One?   We have heard of diseases that can be detrimental to the very existence of our well being, to name a few like HIV, AIDS, Cancer, West Nile Flu, and who knows how many others that fall into the category as deadly. Now it is another one that really has not been […]

IRS’s Just Desserts: No Coconut-Lemon Pie For Them Tonight!

IRS On The “Hit-List”?   I loving this big time finally the number one and only IRS is getting a taste of that “Father John’s” god awful medicine (it was for colds or sinus problems for kids) that I had to take when I was a kid, that stuff REALLY did taste bad I would […]

Government Correctiveness Failing Americans On A Daily Basis

They Control Everything Including Us   So what can you say about Government in this country, is it for us, or is it for those who are making back-end deals (the elite rich, CEO’s, IRS, etc., etc.,) clinging to it’s power and will use the Government to go after or out-right smash someone that they […]

Chicago’s Problems: The Nitty Gritty

The Ranks Are Shifting It Seems But Rather Slowly…   Yea I know it’s like a broken record talking about Chicago yet again, but I did hear about a show (“Chicago Live”) that will possibly shine some much-needed light on the windy city I mean because after all this city could use some positive up-lifting news. […]