The Lesser Of Two Evils: Sugar Or Pot?

Pot Is Worse?   This whole thing about sugar is just getting mass attention, President Obama even seems to think that it is even more dangerous than pot. I know pot smokers around the globe are probably liking that statement that he made comparing the two on a weight scale. But the thing about sugar […]

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly Says Jesus And Santa Are Not Black

Here We Go Again With The Color Thing..   Megyn Kelly might have biting way more off than even the Incredible Hulk could even think of chewing, that came about after a news reel broadcast that has her in the “hot-seat” as of now. (Jon Stewart ripping into Megyn Kelly like it’s no tomorrow over […]

Eiffel Tower A Attended Target?..

Dam Is Anybody Safe From Terrorists Today?   Well the going thing now in the war on terrorism, I guess is targets. And recently you heard about the attack that was planned for the Olympic event that was set to be held in Russia in 2014 by madman terrorist leader Doku Umarov, which pissed off […]

911 Call: Man Makes A Claim Of Bigfoot Sighting?..

A Man And The Bigfoot Theory..   So this guy makes a call a 911 call to an operator, which seems to be nothing out of the norm. And the call could be very urgent, either for him or he could have been calling to save a life that is in desperate need. But neither […]

LOL Two Words That You Never Thought IRS Would Say…

LOL Two Words That You Never Thought IRS Would Say…   IRS usually goes after people who negligent for not filing their taxes, or tax fraud of some sorts. So far a few people have went down over the years from the IRS’s brutal tough love on taxation laws and super-stiff penalties. A short list.. Sandi […]

North Korea Missile… Launch? WTF?

North Korea Missile… Launch? WTF?.. So it comes down to this, North Korea has been causing some serious noise thus far and none to positive as of late.. This all comes from Kim Jong-Un‘s stint on promoting the ever so attention-getting ability to launch it’s missiles, which is a part of it’s prominent (Missile Warfare Program) […]

“Hammer Time!”

“Hammer Time!” Yea it’s a damn shame that the seemingly mixed up in a misunderstanding on famous faces, none other than MC Hammer himself. But after getting pulled over by a Police Officer that asked Hammer (Stanley Burrell), was he on either “Parole or Probation?” In the course of reaching for his license to give […]