Garfield Tries His Hand Playing Spidey

Webslinging With All The Stress   There have been a lot of fans that have been trying to figure out if the new series of Spider-Man movies that are obviously in future sights, but how will this new brand of the gentry will make or break it. Criticism is citing “Spiderman 2” already, and this […]

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Great Pick

Cap Is Back On Track   Captain America: The Winter Soldier was pretty great, I liked the fighting sequences to it plus the story wasn’t too dried up like a lot of superhero movies have been in the past except for a few. But this one got me in tuned quickly because of the fact […]

Wonder Woman Movie: When Will It Come Out?

Nobody Fitted To Take The Title Yet? I was thinking about Wonder Woman in particular in terms of coming out with an updated movie, and even though a TV series remake almost did that off it got derailed pretty fast. It’s to the point that is making many fans of the Wonder Woman series say, […]

“The Ghostbuster’s Path”

Ghostbuster’s Spengler   I have to tell you right off I watched Ghostbusters both the movie and animated version quite a bit when I was a teen, it was a iconic movie that never seemed to lose it ‘magic’ watching it so when I do see it I have to sit down and watch it […]

Horror Movies Can Be So Predictable..

Horror Movie Run-Around   So this is what I want to know about horror movies today, and the the horror movies from the past day.   So what would the ideal generation time-line?.. 20 or maybe 30 years?..   You see this topic really caught my attention when I saw Texas Chainsaw 3D.   And […]