Creepiest TV Hack Of Two TV Giants

Max Headroom Wannabes?   This was a rather surprising story that will make you think twice about leaving your laptop on at night while you sleep the deep sleep night away. Lately it has been hacker pirates that have been making transmission pranks on major TV networks, and it doesn’t seem like this might not […]

Sterling Stepped Out Of Bounds Big Time

Sterling The Pot At The Worst Possible Time   Sometimes people just don’t know when to shut-up LOL, and their mouth can get them into a very ugly situation in a New York minute (or in a hurry). This applies to the owner of the L.A. Clippers, that said some very rash statements that revved […]

Mayor Goes After Police Chief Because She Was Gay

Mayor Might Have Put His Foot Deep In His Own On Mouth   Crystal Moore was a 20 year vet with the Latta Police Department is probably wishing that she could throw the newly elected mayor behind bars for showing his bad side that has stirred up some cold and cloudy conditions between the two. […]

WGN Tells The Lottery To Pack It’s Bags

It Might Leave The Chicago’s Very Own Station?   So here’s a very rude awaking for those who view Illinois Lottery on WGN channel 9, and if you didn’t know bout it I’m about to drop a bomb on Chicagoians that will in no doubt piss you off nice and good. So the talk about […]

Pope Francis Says “No Way Jose” To Crowe

The Vatican Said No To Russell Crowe?   It is indeed hard to see the Vatican himself (unless you are attending a Sunday mass event), there are what you would call “rules of engagement” to some degree when dealing with the religious official. (yea doesn’t look to joyful about seeing Crowe you think?) It’s nothing […]

Juile Hermann Statement Of The True

Is She Psychic Or Is It Just Memorex?   Juile Hermann might have bitten way more of than anybody could possibly chew of a “Charleston Chew” candy bar, wait are those even still around anymore? Don’t think so… But nevertheless this young lady said a few things bringing up the topic of a popular once-vibrant […]

Disappearing Planes? (Boeing 777)

Can It Be Found Or Was It Stolen?   Before this story took whole there was one of aviation mystery that held the title of “disappearing acts” which was over 7 decades ago when Amelia Earhart’s plane simply vanished into thin air what many had thought.  (flight 370 “Boeing 777” taking off in the skies) […]