Amanda Knox: Doing Hard Time

Knox Is Biting Her Fingernails No Doubts There…   This trial has been ongoing for a number of years now, and it’s not much left really to search for any added evidence. To tell the truth this trial should have been over a long-time ago, it only involved 3 potential killers and there is definitely […]

Professor Linde’s Big Bang Theory Is A Go

The Big “Pop” That Started It All   Many have their different opinions to how the universe started off, from religious, to scientific, or just common I think it could have happen this or that way. We’re talking about one of the most controversial topic that still holds up a hot lit torch today– “The […]

NY Deli Owners Stealing Lottery Prize Money? WTF?..

Bad Deli Store Owners: No Deli Sandwich For You The Soup Kitchen Nazi Would Say!   A situation unfolded which had lead to a scam involving the lottery jackpot out in Hempstead, NY Thursday.   A customer had purchased a lottery ticket for a million dollar jackpot, that would turnout to be a winning lottery […]

Iron Sheik Challenges Toronto Mayor To A Good Ol’ Arm Wrestling Match!!

Iron Sheik Just Wants To Know..   Life is quite funny at times how things just happen out of the blue for no apparent reason.   Rob Ford would have to agree with that statement I just said, and I heard about Ford’s unusual challenge that has been dished out to him in the most […]

Google Drops The Axe On Online Book Authors..

Off With Their Digital Heads Google Says!   So who doesn’t know Google by now, while if you say the elderly then you are probably right on all counts.   There are some authors that probably wished that they didn’t know them right about now.   That statement holds the complete truth, after an ugly […]

Area 51 Revealed, Exposes The Government / CIA Cover-up Conspiracy..

Area 51 Revealed, Exposes The Government / CIA Cover-up Conspiracy…  “the government is so f**king bogus, haha they just try to keep so much s**t away from the public view.. Related articles Area 51 Revealed, Exposes The Government / CIA Cover-up Conspiracy.. ( CIA admits: Area 51 is real ( ‘Area 51’ exists after all, […]