Bin Laden In “Double Vision” 2D Effects

Bin Laden’s Double?   Don’t really know if the late Taliban terrorist Bin Laden ever had anybody in his family that was close kin to him, I of course am not talking about a brother or sister that is just related to him. But rather thinking about if he had any brothers in his family […]

Pope Francis Tells It Like It Is To The Mobsters

Don’t Piss Off The Pope!   Countless car bombings, hit contracts, and inhumane acts of torture, violence, and death was always associated with the working of mob connections or what many know to be (organized crime), you saw the movies like the untouchables that said supposedly Elliott Nest was the man who brought down one […]

“The Alcatraz Effect”

Most Prisoners Say I Can’t See Nothing Around Me!   Which is exactly how they want it to be at “Alcatraz of the Rockies”, this is the place that houses extremely way out of control prisoners that are just so dangerous and belief.   So this place is so dangerous that it was designed a […]

Lottery Cap?.. Really You Don’t Say.

Jaded Winnings..   State Lottery most know it as a chance to reach instant wealth, and anyone can gain massive attention if they play and win (even though some are humble winners choosing to remain out of the spotlight).   And the payouts depending on the jackpot can go from anywhere from thousands, to tens […]

Satanists Wanting To Keep Satanic Statue Next To Ten Commandment Monument?

Some People Are Just Really Wacko Today   So here it is you have a situation that is just so way wrong turn in the other direction.   There was a request (a f**cked up one if you ask me), some people of a satanic group organization is asking for a satanic statue to be […]

Black Friday Busting Down The Doors For 2013

Shoppers Paradise For The 13′   Seems like everybody is going all gung-ho this Black Friday season, and it’s for good reason because of the unbeatable deals that will hook, line, & sink a shopper into the check out lines in quick fashion.   So this is where it usually starts off, the shopping holidays […]

Superbus: The Indy 500 Way To Get To School

Marty McFly’s Back To The Future Ride Don’t Got S**t On This Bus!   You know everything is going to hell in a paper basket when you see what is considered to be the next thing of evolution transportation.   So people should know by now, that most buses are just plain dam slow. And […]