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??????????????????????????????? This will be a temporary added page to Just Spit It Out Already (Health Awareness will find a home on it’s own .com site very soon!) will revolve around the topics of General Health, your health is very important and it is a daily routine that needs to be apart of your life. Today’s world is a true testament when it comes to staying healthy in America (as well as other countries), proper health regimes are not practiced effectively.

Poor health etiquette will lead to numerous health problems for anyone later on down the road, this particular goes for the youth today more so than adults. The health status of young people in this country are really raising the “red flag”, meaning that they are facing some very serious health issues which is largely due to lack of knowledge about various foods / beverages that they consume. Many feel that they are simply too young to have to worry about any health concerns so they just brush it off like a bad habit.

They are of course WRONG on so many levels thinking so little about their health like that, so they just need to be enlightened to the facts about, understanding the value of their health, eating right, exercising the body as well as the mind, and living a health life. Adults are to be included into this as well you do have more responsibility on their part (per se), but you also have a number of them that do not adopt proper health habits.

Health Awareness will provide information about various topics regarding your health, from it you will learn more about yourself and to practice proper health etiquettes that will benefit you later in life!

Turning Away From Soda Pops

By: Jaye Irons

EV004442It was not too long ago when the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg had decided enough was enough, ND as a result he would do the one thing that people in New York would despise him for which was to place a ban on Soda Pops putting a curb on the obesity issues in the city of New York.

After a short while the citizens would take notice, and decided to take a stand against Bloomberg’s crusade against the Pop ban (32 oz. soft drink law to ban them ) but he was doing this to save his city from evident obesity problems.

The problem was coming from both sides, first you have Bloomberg trying to do the right thing making sure the people are staying healthy and in good shape. The counter to all of this would be by the citizens themselves, becoming a real pain in Bloomberg’s side; they feel that they should have the choice to live how they want to so the worry about their health was clearly not any importance to them.

The way most Americans feel is that it is their right to make choices, and we have rights as citizens in this country stating that we have the freedom to choose what is best for us.

However there was more than meets the eye to what Bloomberg was trying to relate to the people of New York City, a deeper darker problem behind the Soda-Pop franchise that is cleverly hidden right in front of you.


What is it made of?

The thing about Soda Pop I didn’t really understand when I was a kid, I just knew at the time of being 10 years old they were OK to drink; my parents didn’t give advice to me about it because they didn’t truly understand the harmful effects on the body that they could do.

Surprisingly I was not an obese kid only because I was constantly running and playing LOL, so rule of thumb you will burn loads of calories off the longer you keeping doing just that.

As I got older I wanted to know just what the make-up of Soda Pop was, and why it was so unhealthy for us. Soda pop itself is a “fuzzy” type of soft drink that is has sugar, caffeine, flavoring properties that give it taste, sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, sodium, & sugar some are also present in it’s contents. People refer to it as “carbonated water” but that depends if water is even used in it sometimes it is not.

Now all that being said and done, that overall picture of Soda Pop related to your health is not good what so ever. Even if you think that you can just go and purchase a ‘Diet Coke or Pepsi’, and feel that you have curbed your chances of getting diabetes well think again my friend you’re wrong there as well.

The thing about diet pops is that they are labeled to be worse then it’s counter-part of the fully saturated version pop. So in short they are dangerous as well, I know bummer, but you have to know the harsh true so I didn’t mean to rain on your parade.


What will it do to you in the long run?

kidneyThe constant consumption of Soda Pops over a long course of time will do extreme damage to the most vital parts of the body’s internal organs like the kidneys, your intestines, digestive tract, your colon, these are areas of the body that need to be taken care of at all costs.

Your organs are just very vital, and can be easily damaged if the wrong types of beverages (instead of good old H2O) is consumed either constantly or even on a daily basis. Drinking soda pops are hitting a lot of Americans were it hurts the most — in the gut, the most high-prominent of drinkers are the youth of this country.

It has gotten to the point that Soda pops have become a literal diet choice to most kids today in America, and it does bring-up major concerns that they are adapting to it like water. Scary you think? Of course it is.

As a result from an early age most will stay in tuned with this habit, only to one day wind-up becoming diabetic because of bad diet choices to anything worse like kidney failure due to the lack of the consumption of water that is needed to flush out waste and pollution out of the body primarily your kidneys.


The Solution

Arnold Palmer

“Arnold Palmer’s 1/2 & 1/2 Tea & Lemonade Drink”

A lot of people might not know this, but it is alternatives to Soda Pop it does sounds surprising right to think that it can be some different route to take for this particular killer beverage.

Remember that sugar is not your friend; it never will be so understand that from this day on for the rest of your life! So the thing is to find something that will not destroy both your gums & teeth.

Well one option would be to go with “unsweetened” tea; tea has a great taste to it not to mention it is healthy for you as long as you don’t drown it with a huge load of sugar.

Another trick I rather like to call it, would be to consider drinking either orange or apple juice. These two particular juices can be altered by combining them with a water base drink (preferably bottled water), that will cut the calories they both also possesses some carbonation to their properties.

Another popular tea drink is the “Arnold Palmer’s 1/2 & 1/2” tea drink which is half of both lemonade & tea combined into one drink (ingenious), I had that before in the tall can that you might have seen at the gas stations or your local grocery store. That is a great tea drink which is an alternative also to soda.

You can even take a slice of lemon or lime (a fruit of your choice) place it in your drinking watering a glass or cup to flavor your water, and there you go yet another way to curve the urge to reach the hand out for the Soda can LOL.

So we talked about what Soda Pops are capable of doing to your body, and we talked briefly about a few alternatives to go by that can help you curve the urge for them. I also discuss this topic in my eBook Health Guide To A Better You , it’s in the section under “Soda Pops or Tea?”. But for now it comes down to you as the observer to this post today, and what you have learned about the dangers of Soda Pops.

If you are interested to learn more about alternative drink to them, then I would say you need to follow up on that option by visiting the link in the description below. Thank-you and have a great day!




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