Bin Laden In “Double Vision” 2D Effects

Bin Laden’s Double?   Don’t really know if the late Taliban terrorist Bin Laden ever had anybody in his family that was close kin to him, I of course am not talking about a brother or sister that is just related to him. But rather thinking about if he had any brothers in his family […]

Amanda Knox: Doing Hard Time

Knox Is Biting Her Fingernails No Doubts There…   This trial has been ongoing for a number of years now, and it’s not much left really to search for any added evidence. To tell the truth this trial should have been over a long-time ago, it only involved 3 potential killers and there is definitely […]

Sterling Stepped Out Of Bounds Big Time

Sterling The Pot At The Worst Possible Time   Sometimes people just don’t know when to shut-up LOL, and their mouth can get them into a very ugly situation in a New York minute (or in a hurry). This applies to the owner of the L.A. Clippers, that said some very rash statements that revved […]

Resident Evil Outbreak: The Long Lost Installment

The One Many Never Knew About…   Resident Evil Outbreak was a pretty bad-ass game that did not focus on any of the characters in the original background story, it would be the first type of Resident Evil installment of the video game series to “stand alone” as well as bringing a whole different perspective […]

IRS’s Just Desserts: No Coconut-Lemon Pie For Them Tonight!

IRS On The “Hit-List”?   I loving this big time finally the number one and only IRS is getting a taste of that “Father John’s” god awful medicine (it was for colds or sinus problems for kids) that I had to take when I was a kid, that stuff REALLY did taste bad I would […]

Government Correctiveness Failing Americans On A Daily Basis

They Control Everything Including Us   So what can you say about Government in this country, is it for us, or is it for those who are making back-end deals (the elite rich, CEO’s, IRS, etc., etc.,) clinging to it’s power and will use the Government to go after or out-right smash someone that they […]

Mayor Goes After Police Chief Because She Was Gay

Mayor Might Have Put His Foot Deep In His Own On Mouth   Crystal Moore was a 20 year vet with the Latta Police Department is probably wishing that she could throw the newly elected mayor behind bars for showing his bad side that has stirred up some cold and cloudy conditions between the two. […]