Inside The Ring On Al Qaeda’s Terriorist Plot Attack..

al Qaeda Is At It Again…   Well the buzz now about al Qaeda is that they are aiming to construct a plot to orchestrate an attack plan against the western regions and the U.S.   This all had started when a posting that appeared on the Ansar al Mujahidin network yesterday.   There was […]

Watertown Residents Having Some Fun..

Watertown Residents Having Some Fun..   Despite that tough week that the President has been subjected to, dealing with various political business that lies at hand, to the situations that went down during the 26 mile-run marathon event that turned deadly, and even a plant explosion that happened as well. And it called for his […]

McCain Touts Romney’s Plan For Indefinite Troop Presence In Iraq, Afganistan.

A little while back in the election, Mitt Romney had a ideal plan for troop presence in both Iraq and Afganistan. But he ran into a brick wall when John McCain was asked about his plan. So in his speech he said we (as a nation) need to be bold and decisive, he said what […]