Black Friday Busting Down The Doors For 2013

Shoppers Paradise For The 13′   Seems like everybody is going all gung-ho this Black Friday season, and it’s for good reason because of the unbeatable deals that will hook, line, & sink a shopper into the check out lines in quick fashion.   So this is where it usually starts off, the shopping holidays […]

“So What’s Up With Apple’s iPhone5S?”

Apple’s Takes Their New Toy Out Of The Box..   Apple has been showing off their new phone toy which is already turning the heads of “cell phone” lovers all over the world.   So here we are right in the middle of the cell phone technology age, and her Apple is with it’s iPhone […]

Flight Attendant Dies From iPhone Electrocution?

iPhone 5 Attack? WTF..   This one just comes way straight out of left field. So there is a flight attendant was electrocuted by her iPhone 5 cell phone, yea you just heard me say that.   This has got to be one of the most weirdest type of accidents I could possibly think of. […]

Apple Finally Smartened Up And Goes For The Kill..

Enter The “Kill Switch” Says Apple To The Thief!   Apple has finally seen the light and at the same time has realized something that they should have come up with a while back, adding a security measure to their popular smart phones. “Kill Switch” is a feature that will keep thieves in their place, if […]

Microsoft’s Surface Tablets (Alive&Kicking): Apple’s iPAD Better Run For Cover!

Microsoft‘s Surface Tablets (Alive&Kicking): Apple’s iPAD Better Run For Cover! October 26,2012 was the release date for the “Surface Tablet” released by Microsoft, and I have to say it does look pretty sharp LOL and razor thin (The Keyboard Part of it). So the tablet is capable of running Windows 8 RT version, and also Windows 8 Pro which is the non RTM […]