“The Alcatraz Effect”

Most Prisoners Say I Can’t See Nothing Around Me!   Which is exactly how they want it to be at “Alcatraz of the Rockies”, this is the place that houses extremely way out of control prisoners that are just so dangerous and belief.   So this place is so dangerous that it was designed a […]

“Mr. Church Is X’ed Out Of Expendables 3?”

So Why Go See The Movie Then?   Expendables was a badass movie when it first came out, Sylvester Stallone LOL seemingly after all of the Rocky sequels (not to mention Rambo parts infinity), just does not get enough of the silver-screen limelight.   I had to give it to Stallone though, it isn’t a […]

“Terminator TV Series Might Hold The Key To Government War Secret”…

Government Turning To The PS3 / Xbox 360 For Warfare Answers?   Sounds nuts right?.. Seems Unbelievable yea? Not really, you see I thought about this subject for a long time. But I never touched up on it, until last night when I was watching a pretty great but short-lived TV series. So before I […]

“Pioneer Of A Weightlifting Industry Dies”..

“Pioneer Of A Weightlifting Industry Dies”.. Most of the younger crowd today that are into the sport of Weightlifting might not really know exactly how the body building industry took off from the start. Joe Weider was the Co-founder of the “International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) and partnered with his brother Ben Weider of the […]

Testosterone Hidden Killers That Affect It.

Testosterone Hidden Killers That Affect It. Ok most guys don’t know about some of the dangers or low testosterone in the male body. I didn’t even know all about it myself, but did some researching on this subject, and it was pretty dam alarming on the facts of what can affect testosterone in males. And this can […]