Reno 911… LOL Calling Them For Help Is Risky Business!

But Why Would You Dare Call Them To Rescue You? LOL   The silly often reversed ideal cop show was definite one from out of the comic scrap books, when I first dove into this show watching some episodes I was laughing my f**king ass off from the show’s premiere.   And it just couldn’t […]

Newscast Situations Going Bananas..

Sometimes The News Is Funnier Then Cosmo Kramer On Seinfield..   Which is basically true sometimes especially when you have a anchor man / woman who are placed into very heavy LOL predicuments, that can make them look like a idiot in the process even though they are actually trying to do a news reel […]

Jeffery Osoborne’s.. (Back In Love Again!)..

Great Song Nice Beat..   Jeffery Osborne had a hit song with the group that he was apart of years ago called L.T.D, his family was tied into the music industry ever since he was a kid.   He had to have learn and gained his talents from his Father (Clarence “Legs” Osborne), that had […]

Paula Abdul Dusts Off Her Robe For Judge Dancing Gig

Abdul Back In The Judge’s Driver Seat..   Paula Abdul is an amazing singer and performer, and has been in the music industry since God knows when.   She was also at one time a judge icon that has been noticed back then as a talented rater on the popular t.v. Reality dance sing show […]

Cyberhub Is Faking (Writing Articles) For Consumers?..

“The Cyberhub Conspiracy Theory”   Well I did a little digging on Cyberhub, if you don’t know them they are the ones that people go to when they want to have their articles published.. Now the whole key point to using their services, is to curve the ‘downtime’ that someone will have to put into writing their own articles. […]