Facebook “Reverse Hacked?”

Facebook Catches A Bugging Virus?     So the thing is this, when you go to the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.. You expect for your private and confidential info to be preserved well, and that no one can see your information that you want to keep “under-wraps”. You see I did […]

LOL Two Words That You Never Thought IRS Would Say…

LOL Two Words That You Never Thought IRS Would Say…   IRS usually goes after people who negligent for not filing their taxes, or tax fraud of some sorts. So far a few people have went down over the years from the IRS’s brutal tough love on taxation laws and super-stiff penalties. A short list.. Sandi […]

White House Threat ‘Linked In’ Through Twitter?

White House Bomb Threat ‘Linked In’ Through Twitter? More threats on the U.S. front it seems, from the Boston Marathon bomb scare last Monday, to the White House that has seemingly been threatened falsely through the favorite social media everybody knows and love “Twitter”.  Now I have to say after this day here on out, […]

Woman Raped And Beaten Dies In Singapore Hospital.

Woman Raped And Beaten Dies In Singapore Hospital. A 23-year-old young woman was gang raped and severely beaten on a bus in New Delhi,India. The incident sparked off when the woman and a male friend who had got on the bus after taking in a movie, were confronted and attacked by six men who were […]