Eiffel Tower A Attended Target?..

Dam Is Anybody Safe From Terrorists Today?   Well the going thing now in the war on terrorism, I guess is targets. And recently you heard about the attack that was planned for the Olympic event that was set to be held in Russia in 2014 by madman terrorist leader Doku Umarov, which pissed off […]


“The Billionaire Doctor Turned Vigilante”   Doctor Miles Hawkins was your average but very wealthy guy and a brilliant researcher as well. Till one day, he decided to be at a ‘certain place’ within a ‘certain time frame‘. You know this is going to clash with the old saying “I was at the right place, but it happened […]

Injustice Gods Among Us…

Injustice Gods Among Us…   Has basically been a much-anticipated fighting game that displays various DC Comic superhero & villains, from the basics you have Batman going up against his most obvious villain “The Joker“. But understand this about the game, it just doesn’t focus on the iconic battles between just those two famous characters no, No, […]

When Did Google Show Signs Of Humor?

When Did Google Show Signs Of Humor? Now I just have to start off and say Google deep down does not have what you would call a tickle bone in it’s electronic body. Let’s be real here, if you try to picture Google with a friendly smile on it’s digit face well.. Haha then the picture […]

So Who Would Win The Battle Green Hornet And Kato VS. Batman And Robin?

So Who Would Win The Battle Green Hornet And Kato (VS) Batman And Robin? Dam good question, now right off I like the newer Batman movies rather than the 60’s series. The 60’s Batman  with Adam West was well… Moving right along (Joking). The 60’s Batman to be honest was just way too dam corny, […]