“The Navy Yard Shooter”

Aaron Alexis: A Troubled Individual.   I heard a little about this story so far about this military guy dubbed as “The Navy Yard Shooter”, and today his mother spoke out about possible problems that Alexis had been facing as of late.   And so far there have been a multitude of random shootings over […]

Target Catches A Classic “Cannonblast!”

Target Catches A Classic “Cannonblast!”   Back in 1993, this guy was looking for a job, and he had just left his previous job that was dealing with the fast-food industry (I Don’t Want To Have To Call Names, But A Hint About The Restraunt’s Name Well It Ends With ___BER the other half is ___G). And he […]

“Wu-Tang Clan”… Enter The (Ol’ Dirty Bastard)

“Wu-Tang Clan”… Enter The (Ol’ Dirty Bastard) Better known as Russell Jones who was a rapper and producer, associated with the “Wu-Tang Clan.” Now I never really heard of Wu-Tang very much back then (Except For The Martial Arts Movie With The Two Grey Haired Old Guys That Were Masters Kicking Some Serious Butt), I […]