WGN Tells The Lottery To Pack It’s Bags

It Might Leave The Chicago’s Very Own Station?   So here’s a very rude awaking for those who view Illinois Lottery on WGN channel 9, and if you didn’t know bout it I’m about to drop a bomb on Chicagoians that will in no doubt piss you off nice and good. So the talk about […]

Big Brother “Nails” GinaMarie Zimmerman With A Cannonblast..

“GinaMarie Cannonblasted Ugly”   GinaMarie just basically shot herself in the foot, and she was handed a pink slip because of the uncontrollable racial and off the wall comments that bought the U.S. pageant coordinator of the East Coast USA pageant heated ill feelings from viewers of the show “Big Brother”.   But what was […]

Bob Costas Cannonblasts CBS Over Augusta’s Policies

Bob Costas Cannonblasts CBS Over Augusta’s Policies   Jim Mantz spoke with sports personality announcer Bob Costas on the “Dan Patrick Show”, for a while the conversation was just general and basic sports talk about the Augusta Golf Tournament. But soon after a few moments into it, the conversation got touchy between the two and eventually would anger Costas. Especially […]

Head Writers Of ‘The Letterman Show’ Stangel Brothers Welcome Development Deal Plan…

Head Writers Of ‘The Letterman Show’ Stangel Brothers  (Matt Roberts, Justin Stangel, Eric Stangel) Welcome Development Deal Plan… Long time Head writers of  the “David Letterman Show,” are treading into new territory of a new long-term development plan with a production company called “Worldwide Pants.” The Stangel Brothers Eric and Justin both have been writing the […]