Bewitched: The Encounter..

Erin Murphy On The 50,000 Watt-Blower (WGN 720)   So I was waiting for my cousin Cedric (A.K.A. Big Ced) while he was going to buy a car from this dealership out in Elgin, IL that I drove him to. (Bewitched DVD Cover Photo) I was listening to the radio (WGN 720), and it was […]

D.C. Drive By?.. Wow So What’s Next The Pentagon?

D.C. Drive By?.. Wow So What’s next The Pentagon?   I just don’t get it, what the f**k is wrong with these people LOL. Alright here we go.. There were thirteen people who were shot in a drive-by shooting. The vehicle that the shooter was driving, was a grayish Sedan vehicle & joining it is […]