Women Shoppers Go At It: A Non-WWE Stun Gun Match!!

Bring Back That Stunning Feeling Before It’s Gone..   Now if that catch phrase didn’t ring a bell, that was part of a song but you have to ex-out the part that says “Stunning Feeling” LOL.   So some issues went down on Black Friday as many would suspect, and the usual reason why would […]

Avery Johnson Got Cannon Blasted Out Of A Job…

Avery Johnson Gets Cannon Blasted Out Of A Job…   Well, Thursday was it for Johnson who was the coach of the Brooklyn Nets now former. This comes after a heavy slump that Johnson and his team had fell into, and just couldn’t seem to dig their way out of. And going on a three […]

Supernatural Christmas Laugh Session Santa Gets Busted…

Supernatural Christmas Laugh Session Santa Gets Busted… Alright I had to do this one I remember that episode on “Supernatural,” LOL when Dean and Sam goes to Ypsilanti, Michigan to go stop an “Evil Super Santa” that was terrorising the town. Now the whole thing is to the Evil Santa is that he really was […]

“The Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy”

“The Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy” I don’t know where to even start with this story but I take it from here. Yesterday out in Newtown, Connecticut  a Man went into a school armed with Semi-Automatic weapons dressed in a black outfit, and killed 20 kids in the school. The school “Sandy Hook,” has 600 students […]

Hobbies That Can Bring You Some Loot!…

Hobbies (A Few) That Can Be Profitable… It’s hard times in this economy, and it seems that it’s even harder finding work from basic Companies that are either shutting down because of lost revenues, or closing shop and leaving the country to go over seas for operations, etc.. But as a result, it will leave […]