Facebook Owes Vin Diesel How Much??

Facebook Owes Vin Diesel How Much??   Now you hear about how someone hits it big, in the lottery or they find out that a relative left them a huge sum of money from a will they probably left behind from them to receive..  But this one is just LOL ridiculous, now everyday when you turn on […]

New Pepsi Bottle Shape?

New Pepsi Bottle Shape? It’s been a long time since the popular Coke drink Pepsi, has motioned on any accounts to brandish a new look for it’s container appearance. From the original Pepsi bottle shape from way back then, then the 12 0z. can shape not to mention various other sized can shaped products they had […]

California Medical Marijuana Vending Machine…LOL..WHATTTT!

California Vending Pot Machines: Cheech & Chong Are In Heaven! (ROTF*****GLOL,FOREVER) To start this one off. Ok this, this is just… LOL. On the outside right it might look like a innocent vending machine, not to different from the basic ones of yesterday (But older then the  Coca-Cola Vending Machines Models post i did a long […]

Coca-Cola Vend Machines: Touch Screen Horror Or Evolution?

Hey guys hope you guys are doing well today. I am, I had a notion to check out this new venture right. And it’s one that’s been on the back burner of my mind for a while, and it’s based upon the new touch screen coca cola machines that are showing up. Now my thoughts […]