Obama Points Finger At GOP For Aligning Itself With Right Wing

Governmental Shutdown? Is It True?..   It seems like that is just so much deceit and dishonesty among political ranks & issues that concerns the U.S. today. And it just seems like things are going down hill more for America and it citizens of the nation , then many people could really know.   But […]

Colorado Might Shed Some Feathers? (51st State)

‘North Colorado State?’   LOL I heard of democracies but this is something entirely new all together… So hear it is Colorado the state is now about to get a complete overhaul as residents in the northern Colorado of the state wants to form it’s own state all to itself. This is what some are calling a […]

LOL Two Words That You Never Thought IRS Would Say…

LOL Two Words That You Never Thought IRS Would Say…   IRS usually goes after people who negligent for not filing their taxes, or tax fraud of some sorts. So far a few people have went down over the years from the IRS’s brutal tough love on taxation laws and super-stiff penalties. A short list.. Sandi […]

Feds Watches Jesse Jackson Jr. Like A Hawk…

Feds Are All Anal Probe On Jesse Jackson Jr. Jesse Jackson Jr. just has to face it, as of late the Feds have been over of him in an investigation like the “New England Patriots,” scrambling for a loose ball interception off a badly thrown pass to a wide receiver. So far the Federal authorities, […]

Janata Party President Subramanian Swamy Points Finger At Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi for illegal land grab

President Subramanian Swamy Accuses Sonia & Rahul Gandhi Of Misuse Of Government Facilites  President Subramanian Swamy made statements, addressing the power abuse of Government Sanctions and Illegal Company Operations, by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. At a last week news conference, Subramanian Swamy made it clear of the reprehensible actions of Rahul & Sonia in a […]