Richard Ramirez: Night Stalker At Large

Ramirez Was Damaged From The Start..   Where could one even can start about Richard Ramirez, I never really decided to look into his story until now. I knew about him being a serial killer that preyed on innocent people, but the thing is about this guy I just didn’t know how f**ked up he really was in the […]

Robocop Returns?

Will The Revamped Version Surpass The Original?   1987 was the year that this movie had donned the movie theater screens, and it was a unique type of story.   The movie was what you would call an “experiment”, and would test the movie audience integrity in terms of violence and gore.   Alex Murphy – […]

Joe Arpaio Allows His Deputies Access To AR-15s

Deputies Granted Usage Of AR-15s (24/7)   Joe Arpaio apparently has had enough, he is taking action against the fight of violent criminals that have been getting completely out of hand to the point where law enforcers are almost backed into a dark corner. So what is a Sheriff to do?..   Just let his […]

“The Purge”

“The Purge”   I didn’t forget about that post for a friend of mines Alex, that was telling me about the movie “The Purge”. He told me that the movie was overall pretty good, but he did say the ending was kinda messed up and that Hollywood could have came up with an better ending […]

The Youngest Person To Be Executed In America Is…

The Youngest Person To Be Executed In America Is… Geogre Junius Stinney story is just tragic and unbelievable and I tell you why.. He was accused of a crime that he more in likely did not commit, and the more shocking part of it is that the crime that this 14-year-old kid was accused of doing. That has […]

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Walking..

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Walking.. This game is a classic in itself, a real “McCoy” of “McCoys” really. But this game is of political ties to the mob and inside con men, bring the usual murder and death if you cross the top man type of action pack series in a third-person shooter. The […]