Scientists Are Now Making Green Glow Bunnies?.. WTF??

Silly Green Rabbit, Tricks Are For Magicians..   Well it’s official, Scientists have finally gone insane LOL, and a little too far over the edge after I heard about this story that will leave most “green with envy”.   Ok so I don’t know exactly why the color green, was such a big deal.   […]

Rae Dawn Chong Trash Talks Oprah Winfrey!

So What Brand Of Weed Was She Smoking?..   Rae Dawn Chong is a very sexy female, I remember when this girl was in the movie “The Principle” in which she starred in with Jim Blueshi.   She also played in the movie with Arnold Swartzenegger called “Commando”, back in the 80’s.   And she […]


“Infamous”. So what do you think about the possibility of Cole having a son, or possibly a younger brother? Or better yet, what if Zeke found a way to replicate DNA cells from Cole’s body after his death. And he plays “mad scientist” and creates a clone that is slightly different in appearance than that of Cole’s? You decide!! What […]


“Castlevania” This is like the 3rd or 4th post I did about vampires LOL, but I guess vampires are just all to popular, they are mysterious and march to the beat of their own drummer, can charm and control anybody with just a stare. And can even take on various shapes and forms at will. […]