Huge Asteroid Flys Right Passed Us Again

They Just Keeping Missing By Inches It Seems   Asteroids what do you know about them, for the most part they fly through space to a destination point then they impact against something and wreak serious havoc. That about sums them up in a nutshell, but I did mention them before in a post a […]

A Prophecy Loop…

So The Mayans “Actual” Theory About Niburu..   Now I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I have been watching this one interesting topic that has started last year.   A year ago I did a post about the events that the Mayans had spoken about the prediction that was to […]

What Can A “Supermoon” Actually Do To Earth?

Consequences Of A “Supermoon”   So we all know (well most of us) that the Moon, is 238,000 miles away from Earth. We all should know that the Moon really has not been visited that much after a long snitch of time.. Many have questioned why that is, and I did do a post I […]


“The Billionaire Doctor Turned Vigilante”   Doctor Miles Hawkins was your average but very wealthy guy and a brilliant researcher as well. Till one day, he decided to be at a ‘certain place’ within a ‘certain time frame‘. You know this is going to clash with the old saying “I was at the right place, but it happened […]

Center Of The Earth: Is It A Secret Damnation For The Damned?

Gonna Tell You About A Story…   And It’s not a once upon a time type, just to kick this post off in a rather ‘controversial manner’. Me and two other guys where talking about the center of the earth, and what could possibly be underneath the layers of the mantle and granite rock crust […]

The Moon Gets A Nasty Wake-up Call

The Moon Gets A Nasty Wake-up Call   Even though it is 238,000 miles from Earth, some things that can happen on the Moon can possibly be seen here on Earth that is visible to the naked eye. This is the case at hand with the Moon, as it was devastated by a huge meteor strike that triggered […]

Prophecies Of The Times… UFO Viewpoints And Deception

Prophecies Of The Times… UFO Viewpoints And Deception I was interested by some viewpoints of  some of the UFO mania that has been having people up in arms of confusing proportions as of late. This particular subject matter seems to run along some biblical events that have turned heads to the reality of the strange times […]