Lottery Cap?.. Really You Don’t Say.

Jaded Winnings..   State Lottery most know it as a chance to reach instant wealth, and anyone can gain massive attention if they play and win (even though some are humble winners choosing to remain out of the spotlight).   And the payouts depending on the jackpot can go from anywhere from thousands, to tens […]

Hunter the Reckoning: Wayward

That Game Sucked So Dam Bad!!   Hunter: The Reckoning, reckoningly sucked moth balls big time. I played this game a long time ago on the PS2 (Playstation 2) console, some number of years ago now.   And the thing about the game that does itself in (which is because of the character models & […]


“Enter The Electric Man”: Cole MacGrath..   “infamous” is a game made by Sucker Punch Productions, and it is centered around the main protagonist of the game Cole MacGrath. MacGrath was on one of his bike routes (He’s a bike messenger), and gets his life turned completely upside down due to an explosion that happens […]

Rogue Trip: Vacation 2012

Tourists Gets The Ride Of Their Life.. If They Live Through It.   Rouge Trip 2012,  is a vehicular video game similar to it’s rival Twisted Metal. It had the concept of combat car / truck battle in large or sometimes small battle arenas, where drivers are not only just trying to demolish each other, but while […]

Extermination: Will This Bad Ass Game Ever Return To The PS Platform?

Extermination: Will This Bad Ass Game Ever Return To The PS Platform? Extermination was just a crazy, crazy, CRAZY Game, I’m surprised that Hollywood didn’t try to snatch this up and ruin it like so many other video game to Silver Screen movie disasters (Well X-Men was 50% right and Resident Evil was 45% so […]

Conan O’Brien takes on the “Chris Redfield” Challenge, in Resident Evil 6 Gameplay!

Hey how are you guys today? Great I Hope! If not i have a little comical interest insight that can put some light on a cloudy day. Now for those who are gamers, (people who play badass video games) might know of some of the lastest and highly anticatped ones coming out this year. One […]