Rahm Emanuel’s 2014 City Budget Can Just Take A Hike!!

LOL Chicago Needs More Tax Laws? WTF?   Chicago today is facing more and more difficult times it seems, the murders have backslid a little do to the freezing cold temperatures.   So it’s sad to say, but the only thing that will keep the murders down is old man winter itself.   And if […]

A Prophecy Loop…

So The Mayans “Actual” Theory About Niburu..   Now I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I have been watching this one interesting topic that has started last year.   A year ago I did a post about the events that the Mayans had spoken about the prediction that was to […]

Obama Points Finger At GOP For Aligning Itself With Right Wing

Governmental Shutdown? Is It True?..   It seems like that is just so much deceit and dishonesty among political ranks & issues that concerns the U.S. today. And it just seems like things are going down hill more for America and it citizens of the nation , then many people could really know.   But […]

Governmental Lock-Down: Freedom & Security..

Alex Jones Says “Stay In Your House!”   I want to point this topic of discussion out today, and I know most Americans will want to hear this in “flush” details..   What do most people think about when you mention the 2 words that the average American loves to hear, those 2 words are […]


Automation Man After Tron Came Into The Picture..   Automan was just one of those “superhero” shows that didn’t survive long (not many do), but it was a different type of superhero program.   Come to think of it, I would say whoever came up with the idea of Tron must have had a hand […]

“Your Amendment Right” (Why Are Bloggers Denied Free Speech?)

Bloggers Should Have “Press Exemption” Rights!!   So I saw this article on a thing called “press exemption”, this caught my attention pretty quick when I better understood what the article was about. So think about this you get up everyday, and you might turn on the television or radio. You then tune in on […]

“The Purge”

“The Purge”   I didn’t forget about that post for a friend of mines Alex, that was telling me about the movie “The Purge”. He told me that the movie was overall pretty good, but he did say the ending was kinda messed up and that Hollywood could have came up with an better ending […]