Cell Phone Talking To You In Your Sleep?

The Strangest Case Ever Comes True Through The Cell Phone?   Cell Phones – just about everybody has one, it wouldn’t surprise me if they came up with a way to have the family pet with a “paw-touch” GPS tracker to find them if they get lost.   LOL technology is powerful, combine that with […]

“Krokidil” Death In Dosage..

Chicago Back On the Hot Seat Once Again..   It seems now the “The Great Windy City”, has a whole new set of issues as of late.   This is no surprise to most Chicagoans today, you can basically take your hands and hold them out while counting your fingers and thumbs and you still […]

Misconduct Issues Leaves: People Pissed At The Airport

Airport Security Fiasco..   Most people know the drill when it comes to flying the friendly (or) unfriendly skies, and it is considered a bothersome routine can sometimes literally cause for a person to exit the airport in just utter frustration. What is that you say?..   The utter frustration part, is going through the […]


“The Billionaire Doctor Turned Vigilante”   Doctor Miles Hawkins was your average but very wealthy guy and a brilliant researcher as well. Till one day, he decided to be at a ‘certain place’ within a ‘certain time frame‘. You know this is going to clash with the old saying “I was at the right place, but it happened […]

Sequestration Update: Where We Stand

Sequestration Update: Where We Stand “They just let the problem go on and on and on and on,” says WHNT News 19 Political Analyst Jess Brown. Sounds like a typical day in Washington DC. We’re plowing headfirst into the sequester, a series of cuts handed down from the federal government. People are pissed as you […]

People Who Feel They Don’t Deserve To Be Successful, Or Afraid Of It…

People Who Feel They Don’t Deserve To Be Successful, Or Afraid Of It… Most People in life fall into a category that they feel they can’t escape from. Depression is a part of it, as well as uncertainty  and doubting themselves. They grow up from a kid having the best of intentions of a dream they […]

Naked Protesters Run Amok In House Speaker’s Office?

Naked Protesters Run Amok In House Speaker’s Office? Ok here we go… It was a handful of AIDSactivists, that storm in Representative speaker John Boehner‘s office. Demanding to speak with him, Boehner was probably saying to himself at that point: I’ve been blinded dammit. LOL, apparently the activists are pissed off because of the fiscal clip or […]