Facebook Warnings Afoot, Graphic Content Criticism A Reality..

Can You Say Up The Creek.. Without A Paddle?   Which is pretty much the situation for Facebook right about now from threatening lawsuits from users of the popular social media site, to situations that involves cyber-bullying, and now this new one which really just puts them in the frying pan.   So what it […]

He’s 70 and She’s 15! And They Getting Married WTF Is Up With Saudi Arabia??

He’s 70 and She’s 15!  And They Getting Married WTF Is Up With Saudi Arabia?? Alright he we go, so this old guy that’s 70 wants to get married. Now right off I’m thinking ok you’re 70 and you thinking about settling down at that age LOL, Don’t get me wrong even at that age if […]

Racist Attacks On Streets Of Athens, Economic Misery Sparks Racial Tensions…

Economic Misery Sparks Racial Tensions High In Athens Much angry and high tensions in the streets of Athens,Greece lately. And it is getting really bad there, some citizens there have taken it upon themselves to rally a Nazi styled type militia group. Why you say? Because of their Government that has been cutting job salaries, […]