Sometimes It Just Takes The Drive Of One

More Apps Than It Can Handle Or Not?   If you are looking to get more apps for the iPad, then you might find yourself looking into a subscription set-up for around $99 a year. Now the thing about that price is what else comes with… You can broaden the range value of this deal […]

“So What’s Up With Apple’s iPhone5S?”

Apple’s Takes Their New Toy Out Of The Box..   Apple has been showing off their new phone toy which is already turning the heads of “cell phone” lovers all over the world.   So here we are right in the middle of the cell phone technology age, and her Apple is with it’s iPhone […]

Apple Finally Smartened Up And Goes For The Kill..

Enter The “Kill Switch” Says Apple To The Thief!   Apple has finally seen the light and at the same time has realized something that they should have come up with a while back, adding a security measure to their popular smart phones. “Kill Switch” is a feature that will keep thieves in their place, if […]

e-books or Print Books Which Is Better?

So What Is More Important Between The Two..   Well right off you have to think that Printed Books were never going to go out of style and would be around forever.. LOL yea well that might have been true back in the 40s, 50s, 60s, or a stretch of roughly 60 years. In truth books have […]

Microsoft’s Surface Tablets (Alive&Kicking): Apple’s iPAD Better Run For Cover!

Microsoft‘s Surface Tablets (Alive&Kicking): Apple’s iPAD Better Run For Cover! October 26,2012 was the release date for the “Surface Tablet” released by Microsoft, and I have to say it does look pretty sharp LOL and razor thin (The Keyboard Part of it). So the tablet is capable of running Windows 8 RT version, and also Windows 8 Pro which is the non RTM […]

Coca-Cola Vend Machines: Touch Screen Horror Or Evolution?

Hey guys hope you guys are doing well today. I am, I had a notion to check out this new venture right. And it’s one that’s been on the back burner of my mind for a while, and it’s based upon the new touch screen coca cola machines that are showing up. Now my thoughts […]