Ex-Sues Wife For Covering Up Hidden Twitter Stock

She Blinded Him With Twitter Stock’   So here we have this lady by the name of Jennifer Johnson, and what is so special about this individual is that she may have hit the jackpot big time when making the move to invest in “high-priced” stock. The venture could land her in the millionaire club […]

Can You Smell What Dwayne Johnson Is Cooking?..

Can You Smell What Dwayne Johnson Is Cooking?..   The iconic line that bought forth an iconic wrestler, that has been in the game of the professional sport since his appearance in the franchise back in the 90’s. Had to undergo some surgery, due to tearing in his abdomen that occurred in his match-up at […]

Macy’s Incorporated Contract Violated By Home Goods Giant..

Macy’s Incorporated Contract Violated By Home Goods Giant.. This past Thursday, Macy Incorporated had pointed out a contract violation on the part of Martha Stewart‘s company that designs certain products for J.C. Penney Co Inc. Judge Jeffery Oing’s ruling  could affect the ability for J.C. Penney to continue to sell Martha Stewart products that brands […]

3-Way Slice: Will Ferrell Supports Mayor / Family Gets Paid $63 Mil Lawsuit Against Motrin / Obama Boosts Minimal Wage?

Will Ferrell Supports Mayor  Will Ferrell has done some outrageous character skits before, but this one LOL is out of the box type thinking all together. So Ferrell is playing the role of a Father with three kids, who just so happens to live in L.A. who owns a business. And his purpose of appearing […]

Sen. Ron Johnson Pisses Off Secretary Of State Clinton!

Sen. Ron Johnson  Pisses Off Secretary Of State Clinton! After her ordeal with a blood clot scare, the now fine and ready for action Hillary Clinton faced yet another ordeal of the sorts. She was confronted about the situation that became fatal, about the security threats in sync with the Sept.11 incident out in Benghazi, Libya, […]

Avery Johnson Got Cannon Blasted Out Of A Job…

Avery Johnson Gets Cannon Blasted Out Of A Job…   Well, Thursday was it for Johnson who was the coach of the Brooklyn Nets now former. This comes after a heavy slump that Johnson and his team had fell into, and just couldn’t seem to dig their way out of. And going on a three […]