Swift Targeted By Cult Baptist Church?

Westboro Baptist Church Gets On Taylor Swift’s Back..   Taylor Swift has been targeted left and right, and the most famous of them was the time when she was on stage to receive her award during the MTV VMAs event back in 09′.   That did drum up some pretty good media buffs like the […]

Owen Hart’s Widow Wins Lawsuit

Owen Hart’s Widow Wins Lawsuit Owen Hart was noted as big time superstar in the WWE, for years ever since his brother Brett the “Hitman” Hart was involved in the Franchise Wrestling league himself for many years.  But an unexpected twist in Owen Hart’s career had taken place in 1999, I was one of the […]

JJ’s Restaurant Blown Up? Gas Leak To Blame..

JJ’s Restaurant Blown Up? Gas Leak To Blame.. This is some crazy s**t, but here we go.. Last night at  JJ’s restaurant out in Kansas City, Mo. Fifteen people were injured in an explosion that happened at the popular food franchise. Mayor Sly James had spoken about a body that was found in the rubble after […]

Jovan Belcher Shoots And Kills His Girlfriend And Then Committs Suicide.

Jovan Belcher Kills And Shoots His Girlfriend And Committs Suicide. Kansas City Chiefs‘ Jovan Belcher, had done the unthinkable. Saturday morning Belcher, had reportedly shot and killed his girlfriend right in front of her Mother in cold blood. The slain girl’s mother then called the police, the police then showed up shortly after. Right before […]