Kanye West’s Other Girl Backs Away After Cheating Allegations…

So She Hopped On Her Bike And Back-Pedaled Away   So this model Leyla Ghobadi had made some staggering comments about her sex-escapes with singer Kanye West, and after her statements were released into the social media high-winds and internet airways. It caught on like a fire starting in the California redwoods, and ever since then has been very hard […]

LOL Actress Tries To [Rob] Ferrell For Award..

LOL Actress Tries To [Rob] Ferrell For Award..   I was thinking what the f**k right off, this one was just straight up hilarious to the ” T “ about what Audrey Plaza tried to pull at the MTV awards this past Sunday. First off this stunt was not “rehearsed”, just to get that out-of-the-way. Audrey […]