Satanists Wanting To Keep Satanic Statue Next To Ten Commandment Monument?

Some People Are Just Really Wacko Today   So here it is you have a situation that is just so way wrong turn in the other direction.   There was a request (a f**cked up one if you ask me), some people of a satanic group organization is asking for a satanic statue to be […]

Joe Arpaio Allows His Deputies Access To AR-15s

Deputies Granted Usage Of AR-15s (24/7)   Joe Arpaio apparently has had enough, he is taking action against the fight of violent criminals that have been getting completely out of hand to the point where law enforcers are almost backed into a dark corner. So what is a Sheriff to do?..   Just let his […]

“Your Amendment Right” (Why Are Bloggers Denied Free Speech?)

Bloggers Should Have “Press Exemption” Rights!!   So I saw this article on a thing called “press exemption”, this caught my attention pretty quick when I better understood what the article was about. So think about this you get up everyday, and you might turn on the television or radio. You then tune in on […]