Amanda Bynes’ Juxtaposition..

Amanda Bynes’ Juxtaposition..   I don’t understand it with this girl LOL she has the means as a celebrity, she has fame, she has fortune… So why is Amanda Bynes putting herself in a bad place with drinking and driving, then DUI charges, situations of her driving through the San Fernando Valley after smoking marijuana, […]

Amanda Bynes Kicked Out Of “Hotel California”

Amanda Bynes  Kicked Out Of “Hotel California” Amanda Bynes is starting to go there, and it’s not a good thing LOL. She has been acting a fool lately and if she doesn’t watch it, she might become another headlined celebrity f**k up like Lindsay Lohan . So Bynes was arrested for drinking and driving, as a result […]

Sheen Fronts Pay For Lohan’s Luxury Tax Bill Nightmares?

Sheen Fronts Pay For Lohan’s Luxury Tax Bill Nightmares? Okay LOL, let me start it off by saying, that Sheen is offically is on Crack! Apparently he helped out (I Got My Head Up In The Clouds 24/7 Lohan LOL sh*t). With her tax bill situation, and this comes about, when they got close as they […]

Lindsay Lohan Got Herself Back In Trouble Again… It’s A Dam Shame!

Lindsay F***s Up Yet Again, Why Girl Why! Just don’t understand how a celebrity that has so much money, things going their way only to throw it all out the dam window with the sink attachments, and last week garbage detail pickup for the “Friendly Neighborhood Garbage Man” to scoop up the left overs. Well […]