Palin “Cannonblasts” Obama Conservative Issue

Palin “Cannonblasts”  Obama Conservative Issue  Palin went off the radar on Obama, and pulled out an old styled cannon on him and blasted away ugly (Metaphor). She called Obama out on the issue of promising the “most transparent” administration ever, and that was followed up by the magic words to stur up a fight (Well […]

Romney Out To Lunch At The White House, Hanging With Obama?..

Romney Out To Lunch At The White House, Hanging With Obama?.. After a tough campaign battle turned victory to Barack Obama, Mitt Romney went to visit Obama for a sit in luncheon at the White House yesterday.  With the aid of his usual motorcade that could block off huge piles of crowds to clear a […]

ROMNEY RESIGN: Tim Pawlenty Mitt Leaked Hidden Cam Secret Vid?..

Leaked Video Proves That Romney Should Resign, And Give Obama A Second Time Around. There was a video discussing reasons why Mitt Romney should have just stepped away (Click to view) from his campaign right from the start. Some interesting viewpoints on what said about Romney by Peggy Noonan, and Noonan definitely seems like the […]

McCain Touts Romney’s Plan For Indefinite Troop Presence In Iraq, Afganistan.

A little while back in the election, Mitt Romney had a ideal plan for troop presence in both Iraq and Afganistan. But he ran into a brick wall when John McCain was asked about his plan. So in his speech he said we (as a nation) need to be bold and decisive, he said what […]

Second Presidential Debate… (With Some Added Icy Heat To Go!)

Twenty-one more days of this Presidential Debate, and Barack & Mitt are pulling out all the fireworks (Sparklers Included). I tell ya if this gets any more heated, Mills Lane might have to throw on the old dusty Ref striped zebra shirt and tell Barack & Mitt: “Go back to your corners for round 15″ Yea […]

Hungry Unemployed Finally See Some Light… Or Dark?

Well so far it goes like this, the unemployment rate has been cut to 7.8% in September and it has reached the low level area since President Obama  took office, and this of course will give him some extra fire power to his re-election bid. Now Friday the labor Department said employers added over a little […]