LOL Actress Tries To [Rob] Ferrell For Award..

LOL Actress Tries To [Rob] Ferrell For Award..   I was thinking what the f**k right off, this one was just straight up hilarious to the ” T “ about what Audrey Plaza tried to pull at the MTV awards this past Sunday. First off this stunt was not “rehearsed”, just to get that out-of-the-way. Audrey […]

Angelina Pivarnick From “Jersey Shore Cast” Gets Left Behind BY MTV…

Angelina Pivarnick Gets The Canned Treatment By MTV! Apparently Angelina Pivarnick, did something to piss off MTV. She one of the stars on the “Jersey Shore” cast, and is taking some buzz off type attitude from MTV. So MTV was putting together an ideal of the towns and communities that suffered at the hands of Hurricane Sandy, […]