Octomom: Investigated For Welfare Fraud?

Octomom Is Back In The News (But Not For The Limelight Excepted)   Nadya Suleman or better known as the notorious “Octomom”, might really be in over her head as of now. She faces welfare fraud that was brought against her after an investigation that was launched by welfare officials. So that means right off, did she […]

Farrah Sex Tape Is Sold..

Farrah Sex Tape Is Sold..   Farrah Abraham  did a move with Vivid Entertainment, she talk with the CEO of Vivid Steve Hirsch on an apparent deal to produce a sex tape that was to be sold after it’s production.   Vivid Entertainment is one of the top porn industry film production companies in that […]

Back On The “Octomom” Will She Do It Again?…

Back On the “Octomom” Will She Do It Again?… Well here we go again, so “Octomom”  (Nadya Suleman) is back on welfare and again is in need of some financial assistance. The Mother of 14 has been facing some rather embarrassing situations involving porn and people who been criticizing the sh*t out of her for doing […]

“Octomom”: Is She Still Doing The Porn Thing?..

Well where to start on this one. We know that Nadya Suleman, had got caught up in some serious (Dog Doo) when it came down to paying her mortage and she had a lot of kids to take care of ALOT LOT LOT, of kids to take care of… But she had fell on some real hard times […]